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  • About Shutler Fitness

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    • Dave Shutler has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, starting Shutler Fitness in 2006. Playing a lot of sports growing up, he developed a passion for fitness at a very young age.

      After college, Dave spent 4 years working for the United States Secret Service & 4 years as an intelligence analyst – while also training clients part time, both in person and online.

  • Qualifications

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      Licensed Massage Therapist

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      Licensed NASN Sports Nutritionist

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      ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist

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      ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

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      Poliquin PICP 1 & 2

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      Poliquin Biosignature 1 & 2

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      Precision Nutrition Coach

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      Certified Diet & Nutrition

    • unnamed

      Body Building & Contest Prepartion

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      Certified Fat Loss Coach

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      Certified Applied Muscle Testing Practitioner

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      Supplementation Specialist

  • Our Coaching Approach

    Transform your body and get the results you deserve with step-by-step instruction from International Physique Coach Dave Shutler!

    For less money than your average personal trainer, you will get a unique and customized approach to creating the body that you want!

    Lets be honest… most trainers in corporate health clubs do not have the knowledge to physically transform their clients. Not only does Dave Shutler have the experience and results to prove it himself, but he has also has the results of many, many clients all over the world to back it up!


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      Unlimited Text Message Support w/ Priority Response Time ($1000 value)

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      Initial Client Questionaire / Check-In Forms ($50 value)

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      Individualized Nutrition Program ($100 value)

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      Individualized Training Program ($100 value)

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      Specific Supplement Protocols ($100 value)

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      Mandatory Weekly Check-Ins & Unlimited Email Support ($100 value)

Our Philosophy

We are not about the quick-fix. We are about creating lifestyle.

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    Would you use a nutritionist that was grotesquely overweight? I am extremely passionate about transforming the bodies of the people I work with, including YOU.

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    Watch the video above to learn a little more about my story.

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    If you are willing to work hard and be consistent, the results will come. You will be guided by me every step of the way throughout the transformation process.

Client Transformation

Take some time and check the complete transformation that some of our previous clients have experienced! We have a proven track record training all types of clients, from beginners to athletes to fitness models. Shutler Fitness will help you acheive all of your goals, just as it did for the people featured on this page.

The definition of insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results…
Contact us to make a lasting change to your fitness!